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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Down On The Dogma

I frequently endure frustration in my quest for truth and tolerance in this dogmatic world. Specifically, one of the few behaviors that Christians appear to readily practice as well as they preach is their orthodox discrimination toward anyone dissimilar to their ideal. The tradition is easily passed on when too many of us unquestioningly accept the convoluted messages that are passed down. Instead of adopting this blind trust, I simply encourage people to consider things objectively and understand the message they spread.

I am not encouraging anyone to neglect their institutions of faith. For instance, my cousin is currently finishing up his degree in theological studies. While we do not see eye-to-eye on religious topics, I respect him whole-heartedly because he has put such a great deal of work, thought, and energy into developing his belief-system. Furthermore, he does not demonstrate an outwardly judgmental attitude toward people of other faiths.

When we support a convention in which we attribute the reason for our existence and upon which our entire moral foundation is based, we must be wise enough to evaluate the value, validity, and purpose of not only the recipe as a whole, but each of it's ingredients.


Frank said...

Keep on blogging sexy virgin.

Take care.


V said...

I may come from a different neck of the woods, but your description of Christians as discriminant seems to be a generalisation that is unfair.

I can reassure you that the christians you may have encountered, be it on some sites you may or may not frequent or the social circles you travel, are not discriminant of disbelieving infidels... (haha)

Seriously though, this can be said of many other religions and not just the Christian faith.

I've met many-a-Christian-fellow (myself included) who do not pass judgement onto others based solely on their belief or disbelief systems.

I encourage you to not look upon the few rotten apples and make generalisations on the bunch...

v said...

whoops :)

That second paragraph should read...

I can reassure you that the christians you may have encountered, be it on some sites you may or may not frequent or the social circles you travel, are more exceptions than the rule. Most of us are actually not discriminant toward "disbelieving infidels"... (haha)

The Disbelieving Infidel said...

Yes, I agree that I was generalizing. I am taking from my personal experience. The following bit I had omitted (because I would need it to head virtually ALL of my posts):

"I do not intend to stereotype, rather give honest accounts of observations made from my personal experience. I am aware that they do not speak for an entire group, however, my findings are based on the compilation of the behavior of many."

Also, I 100% agree that it is not only Christians! But, being that I currently live in the bible-belt, Christianity is the predominant religion. On that note, demographics play a large part in what you are 'expected' to believe. It is hard for people to be accepting that an American, middle-class mother with a nice house, living in the suburbs, is not Christian. Everyone expects people like me to be Christian, and it honestly doesn't even occur to them that I may not be! I can't tell you how many ridiculous prayer chains and other religious propaganda-laden emails I receive! And honestly (besides the prayer ones), many of them are offensive!

Anyway, I'll save the rest for another post. Please don't ever feel offended like I am targeting each individual of such groups. I am basing on my observations, and realize that there are exceptions to every 'rule.'

I appreciate your remarks that you do not discriminate others who don't share your belief system, because that is all I ask of ANYBODY...believers, non-believers, Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists.

Thanks again for your comment!
-The Disbelieving Infidel ;)