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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Yes, I am a Virgin

......to blogging, that is. Until this very moment. I am posting my first post. You are reading my first post. We're in this together. I won't know until my fingers eagerly swipe the last keys whether or not the experience is climactic. If you do not like what you see here, please don't send me hate messages. Remember, this is my very first time. Be gentle.

Blog, blogger, blogging. What is all this hype? And why do I feel compelled to delve into this foreign technical world in which I'm not even sure I understand the premise? The world of blogging is more vast and complicated than a novice, like myself, would expect. But, then again, I do have a tendency to make things more difficult than they need to be. Up to this point, I have rarely even read a blog. In spite of the aforementioned, someone has advised me to begin one. I do, admittedly, have a predisposition to being opinionated and wordy on subjects I am passionate about, and I suppose that may have led to the suggestion. Perhaps, said individual (who I teased had unwittingly subscribed to my platform by exchanging emails with me) thought the rest of the world would benefit greatly from the subject matter I was spewing. Or (more likely), the enthusiasm I used to convey my convictions revealed that I need an outlet to channel this energy.

Considering my opening remarks, this will doubtfully come as a surprise, inasmuch as my theories often do not coalesce with the mainstream. I don't apologize for this, as it is certainly not traditionalists that bring about change. Thereby, even if not in concurrence, one must respect free-thinkers. Without their ingenuity, we would still presume the world was flat. Without their modernization, Christianity would still be an underground religion, and for God's sake, pagans would rule the western world! Even Jesus' now revered messages were once received with skepticism and disbelief. We humans have a difficult time with any idea that challenges what we already know, or think we know.

I am not an extremist in any form, yet my ideals would rarely endorse a conservative rationale. While many may not support the end result, the logic leading me to these conclusions is relatively irrefutable. I am not here to shove my personal convictions down any throats; after all, anyone reading this is doing so by choice. I would, however, love the chance to challenge individuals who have been victim to our society's brainwashing, to think for themselves. That inherently means, not to adopt my personal convictions, but to open their minds (with at least temporary disregard to the norm) and freely analyze their world in order to formulate their own personal truth. The world analyzed must not be the superficial world we have all come to accept, but the naked world, with all it's imperfections and all it's guilty pleasures.

Which brings me to Tangent #1: Why do we feel obliged to label something we enjoy as “guilty”? If it doesn't harm, torture, or damage ourself or anyone else, do we really need to squander the joy out of it by insinuating that the very act of deriving gratification deserves punishment? Or is it because the term itself is a paradox, and by it's very nature causes one to enjoy it all the more? Considering everyone wants what they shouldn't have, perhaps the latter is true. It's like a subconscious mind-game people use to add a degree of “naughtiness” to something that has no moral implications. Like referring to a rich slice of cheesecake as 'sinfully decadent'. This suggests to me that we all grow tired of always doing the 'right' thing. Maybe all of us, including the most dedicated religious figures, need to occasionally commit 'sinful' acts to stir the soul.

~Now that my first time is coming to an end, I hope you won't tell me that you just want to be friends. Although not a sexually-charged blog with frank descriptions of a more 'biological' nature, I hope I can titillate your mind enough to draw you back. As anyone providing good service would express upon farewell, "please come again".


Ryan said...

Was it good for you too?
[puffs cig]

The Naked Blogger said...

Yes, I thoroughly enjoyed it! So much so, that I plan to start doing it a lot more. I hope it doesn't turn out to be a solo expedition.

How did you view the experience? Did it drag on too long?

Trée said...

Welcome to the world of blogging. Looks like you are off to a great start.