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Monday, January 14, 2008

Writer's Block, Unedited

It is unfortunate that I do not sleep with my laptop (our relationship is strictly professional) in light of an experience I have which happens in the midst of lying in bed and is unique to any other time. As I relax, putting all the practicalities of the day out of my mind, I begin to give in to my subconscious. Once in the realm of my imagination, open to unfiltered and unedited thinking, I undergo a kind of metamorphosis. Congruent, well-phrased ideas begin to form and before long they easily flow through my mind, one leading to another, and yet another. As I lie there, allowing them to penetrate, I begin to feel stimulated and excited. I am soon realizing a frenzy of activity. I further concentrate on my goal to continue extracting these lucid descriptions. Within seconds, the most powerful and poignant expressions of my subconscious thrust forward into cognition. I feel consummately enlightened, yet simultaneously energized. As I scramble to preserve the moment, not wanting it to slip away, I cry out in attempts to articulate what I am experiencing inside. Unfortunately, however, without the ability to immortalize this gift, the achievement is only fleeting. Once I have risen from bed, the distractions that are the nuances of reality reclaim my attention and the perfect, eloquent expressions retreat once more. To be unable to recapitulate such inspiring material is a very frustrating phenomenon. It is discouraging, indeed, to stare at the keyboard desperately trying to recall the words that reside solely in the 'uncensored' area of the mind. This happens to be my personal experience with writer's block.

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Kris Cahill said...

It looks to me like you need an audio recording device nearby at such times. It would be a good tool for a writer.

I have a video ipod and bought a mic attachment for it, as I record private sessions with my clients. It's fun because I can burn discs from my recordings or just listen to them on the ipod.