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Friday, January 18, 2008

What Makes A Woman Feel Sexy?

Firstly, I want to convey that “SEX” (there, I said it) is not a dirty word. Anyone purporting it as such can refrain from reading this post and go back to their childhood or 1950's ideals, whichever is the cause for their undeveloped outlook. The skin that I am in is acclimating nicely to being more candid.

The title of this post poses a question I have frankly never really pondered....until today. There are several factors that may contribute, and I would be interested to know which of these play the biggest role. I suppose my sudden intrigue stems from my evolving sexuality. It may sound odd, but today I am feeling extraordinarily sensual. It must be related to that sexual prime I've read about, telling of the irony in men hitting their sexual peak a full decade before we ladies. But experiencing our sexual prime would not necessarily make one feel desirable, would it? Pardon the slang, but feeling horny and feeling sexy, although often occurring simultaneously, are two different sensations. Perhaps credit is due to a biological influence, such as body chemistry. Hormones can certainly evoke sexual desire, but can they actually make one feel sexy?

There is also the issue of self-image and the components that help shape it. External feedback we receive from others often affects how we see ourself. How much impact does the way men receive us have? I suppose it would depend on our current self-esteem and how easily influenced it is. Regardless of how frequently a woman is complimented, if she has poor self-esteem, the flattery will not resonate with her. However,in most cases, one eventually regards themselves in a manner reflecting the messages they receive from others. Another thing often cultivating women's self-images, especially in the early years, is how their bodies fit society's mainstream image of what makes a woman beautiful and tempting. Our self-image can certainly be deflated when we fail to project that image. Is our sexuality heightened the closer we feel our body fits that ideal?

Likely it could be a combination of these factors that cause women to feel sexy and desirable. Possibly, it's as simple as becoming more comfortable in the skin we are in. Whatever the case may be, it is exhilarating to feel so stimulated and alive. Just feeling sexy can be very arousing, indeed.


Frank said...

I quote you here: It may sound odd, but today I am feeling extraordinarily sensual.

By reading your posts this far, I only have one thing to say...

It will sound odd to me when you will say: Today I do not feel sensual. hehehe

Have a good weekend.

The Blogger Exposed said...

You do have a point there, Frank.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but not ALL my posts will reflect so strongly on this theme. They will, most likely, have at least one thing in common. They will rarely be politically correct.

Frank said...

Ohhh, a picture now, eh?

Next time make it a picture of you and see the daily hit count go crazy! ;)

Have a nice sunday.

Anonymous said...

Thankyou for getting this subject out in the open.Hopefully men will
take your words to heart and get a
better understanding of women and
their sensual side.

- garry b