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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

He Says I'm His Spice; I Say He's A Snore

Aside from everything else, this snippet into our personalities lends some general insight.

Learning my psychology type (as referred to by Jung), has explained a lot. From the personality profile it states that, is unwise for ENFP's to settle down too early, and they make the soundest choices when they delay career and marriage decisions until their middle to late twenties. It also goes on to say, "ENFPs may have a difficult time remaining happy in marital relationships. The strong sense of values will keep many ENFPs dedicated to their relationships. However, ENFPs like a little excitement in their lives, and are best matched with individuals who are comfortable with change and new experiences.”

Naturally, I chose a person with the complete opposite profile as myself, therefore one who is not comfortable with change and new experiences. Fun and creativity are regretfully not a part of an ISTJ's life. He resists change of any kind and prefers consistent methods, even if there is a better way. ISTJ's are most well-known for coining the term, "ho hum." Instead of pursuing happiness, he merely fulfills obligations in attempts to avoid unhappiness. I've expressed that I can not breathe in that kind of environment, and perhaps he needs a partner who prefers knitting clubs to overseas vacations. Laughing, he denies that this is true and claims that he needs me to add some spice to his life. Frankly, I am tired of being the nutmeg in his coffee, the cinnamon in his tea, and the cumin in his chili. I need someone to be my cumin. Even enthusiastic people like myself get tired eventually.


Tamera said...

Well. As you know, I am pretty much in the same personality category as yourself. Change has, in addition, been a theme I have spoken and written about for years. Yet....sometimes we have to be careful of what we ask for..lol..because, sometimes we get it. As yourself, I have just recently left everything behind to relocate, and I am now overseas from where I was. That's pretty big "change"! I also love to travel, and have fun..as yourself..maybe the need is more for variation and adventure, then huge change. We just like to see things "not stagnate". If your relationship ended that would also be major change. I guess I just realized myself in reading your post, that we may have gotten what we have asked for...but, forgot to specify..LOL. And, hey! I knit also...don't knock the knitting. I just like to create.

Tamera said...

Also..when he expresses that he likes you in his life as his spice. Well, that sounds quite positive to be wanted and needed, eh? Yet, I do understand your needs.

The Blogger Exposed said...

Well, there is a lot more to it than that....I'm about to divulge more than anyone wanted to hear, I'm sure!

BillyWarhol said...

Excellent Post*

I was Lucky Enuf to meet an amazing Girl who was Fun + Exciting + just Great to Hang Out with - DreamGirl really*

Sadly she had hangups of some sort about Sex (she Ran away from Home at 16 + was Happy when her Dad Died so I think that prolly explains it)

atanyrate Sex trickled off to Once A Week Begrudgingly - Just My Effin Luck!

So needless to say I wasn't doin' much Cumin!!


Libertine said...

I'm an INTP and I usually do well with ENFP as lovers. I tend to clash with SJs in general, particularly ESTJs and ISTJs

AntiBarbie said...

I just took the test and I'm a ESFJ. It's funny but the results are different every time I take it. I guess my mood is a big factor into how I feel about things at the time.

Craw said...

Sorry for being a noob... but what are those initials?

ENFP, ESTJ, ISTJ, etc...

The Blogger Exposed said...

To break it down, there are 4 letters that make up your personality, or psychology profile. Each of the 4 has 2 possibilities for a total of 16 different types: E/I, N/S, F/T, P/J
Based on what little I know of you, I'm pretty sure you're second letter will be an 'S'.

Go here to take a version of the test:


But go to http://personalitypage.com/portraits.html
for a much better description of your results.

The Blogger Exposed said...

okay, try this url for the test instead:


then click the little box for the test ;)

The Blogger Exposed said...


You actually know the personality profile of many of your partners? I find that interesting, and maybe a little odd ;)

So, you do converse first? ;)

What have you found about ENFP's, vs the SJ's? I am fascinated to hear about this!

Libertine said...

Well, I've been interested in Myers-Briggs for quite some time and I've got several books about it.

I don't know for sure the types of every woman I've ever been with, but for those whom I haven't asked to take the test, I can pretty well guess about.

And the thing that gripes me most about SJs is the anal retentiveness, the obessessive-compulsive nature of the typical SJ. They also tend to value conformity for its own sake.

NTs, and NFs, particular, tend to be more laid back, are more focused on the big picture, rather than the nitpicky details, which suits my pesonality better.

That's not to say that an INTP can't be nitpicky -- we tend to be language/spelling Nazis, for example. But, for the most part, we're big picture people, not terribly unlike an ENFP.

I did a post on one of my blogs nearly four years ago about being an INTP that you might want to read. The URL is too long to post here, so I'll give you the main blog link, then go to my archives for October 4, 2004. The blog is: