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Monday, February 4, 2008

Random Annoyances

I received an email from my well-meaning, but annoying sister-in-law yesterday that inspired me to create this list. Not having heard from her in nearly a year, with the exception of the annual “My Kids' Christmas Lists” notification I get in December, I unexpectedly received a shutterfly album from her. I initially thought it was pictures of her kids, until I noticed the album name, “trip to Mexico” containing 250 photos. Yes. TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY flipping pictures of.....well, I assume her and her husband in Mexico, but couldn't say for certain because with 250 pictures, I dumped the sucker. Deleted it. Didn't click the link. Didn't enter the 'secret code' to view the photos. Why? Because sending anyone that many photos of anything is downright ridiculous! Let alone sending them to everyone on your email list! She must have imported the entire SD card, because surely she didn't HAND-PICK 250 pictures to email? I went on a trip last June to 3 different countries on 3 different continents and only emailed 50 pictures of the 700-and-something I took. It's a little something called selective reduction.
So, what I'm trying to figure out is this: Is she just lazy or does she think that people actually care that much?

Well,on to the list of things that annoy me and/or piss me off. Enjoy!

#1- When people send autobiographical material like an annual newsletter or a list of annoyances, and preface with, “Enjoy!” Like reading about their trivial tidbits is the highlight of your week. Yes, as mentioned, the primary culprit is my husband's sister. She even included the cute little tagline on the aforementioned Christmas List! The list was actually in an attachment, so the content of the email went something like, “Click here to download what my kids want you to buy them for Christmas. Enjoy!” Yes, I'm dead serious.

As if that didn't sicken me enough, living 1,000 miles away, she also expects me to package and ship the stuff.

#2- When people (my husband) fail to turn off a light when leaving a room, namely bathrooms and closets. It takes a fraction of a nanosecond to flip the switch on the way out! How hard is that???

#3- LOUD restaurant patrons. You know them. You can hear every word they say, whether you want to or not. Your own conversation is often impeded due to this oblivious narcissist who doesn't seem to realize that they are in public and should spare the entire establishment their obnoxious laugh and poor sense of humor.

#4- Kids with pacifiers. Pacifiers are for infants, not toddlers and children! First of all, let's think about the very name of the item. Pacifier....for pacifying....to soothe....when does someone need to be pacified? When they are upset to begin with! Kids walking around stores and parks with a pacifier hanging out of their mouth is ridiculous. Especially when they are attempting to speak, but can only utter a lisp! How are they supposed to learn to talk with that thing constantly in their mouth? Parents, get a freaking clue. Your desire for peace and quiet is understandable, but come on. Throw away those damn pacifiers before the kid is walking and talking! ...Cheesus.

#5- Mean people. Like my neighbor next door. I will have to dedicate an entire post, if not series, to that crazy biotch and her little biotches-in-training offspring.

#6- People who take all day at the register to buy or return something. They must think they are really important, because the rest of us obviously don't have anything better to do than to stand behind them, holding our merchandise, waiting and waiting. Some of them are just the annoyingly clueless type who looks over each item, then checks their receipt, making an event out of a single purchase. Then there are the ones with the jerk rod up their ass, who think that the mother of all retail rules (return something with a receipt, or get the sale price) should be broken for them. Of course, they can't just accept the golden rule. They must talk to the manager as the line behind them grows longer and longer. I am really tired of people who think they deserve special treatment.

#7- This will come as no surprise: People who refute scientific evidence because it doesn't coalesce with their religious beliefs. Two examples are evolution, and...wait until you hear this one—dinosaurs. Yes, I actually had a friend who was visiting from out of town announce at dinner that she does not believe in dinosaurs (surprisingly, she is a college grad). Unable to speak, my jaw dropped open and my eyebrows receded into my hairline. She then uttered something about God and/or the bible. I pulled myself together and pretended that I hadn't heard a word.

In summary, I dislike dumb people, clueless people, loud people, mean people, lazy people, and people who think they deserve special treatment. Oh, and kids with pacifiers. This is a partial list....I'm sure to remember more later. =)

Am I just being bitchy?


FerdC said...

Great rant! No, it's not you. All those irritations are real!
Got to admit, I like to leave lights on, but not in closets and bathrooms. My wife likes to save money and lives in the dark. I like the see where the hell I'm going.
Gee, we could go on and on with your list. What a great way to start the day. Got my juices flowing.
Have a good week!

The Blogger Exposed said...

Funny! Glad you appreciated it instead of thinking I'm just grumpy ;)

We always leave lights on in the main rooms like the kitchen/family room(I don't like living in the dark), but it's where you spend a couple of minutes, then you're done, that it bugs me! It's really not even a money issue, just an annoyance.

Garg the Unzola said...

Your Christmas sounds fun. I had to babysit my retarded cousin, then had the joys of hearing my other cousin(who is some hotshot engineer) proclaim that logically, he should emigrate, but God has a purpose for him here. I had to restrain myself from questioning which cousin is more retarded. I wanted to ask him if God did not give him his logic for a reason? (excuse the pun).

At least my aunt shut him up. God bless her. Oops I mean, Cthulhu bless her. Before he swallows her soul!

Jeffrey Ellis said...

Are you being bitchy? Hell no, you sound exactly like me. Oh, well maybe I'm being bitchy too then.

Your #3 reminds me of what I've defined as the extremovert -- the extremely extroverted person who can't help but inflict everyone nearby with the conversational equivalent of secondhand smoke.

Your #7 reminds me of practically half the dumb people I've blogged about.


Keala said...

not bitchy

just never ever give a baby a pacifier.

I have 3 sons and I never gave them pacifiers. Ewwww. I hate them.

doug said...

Your not bitch at all! Great post!

J. Corbelli said...

Haha, i have similar lists. I call them Lists of My Dislikes. You should check it out when you get a chance. Anyhow, keep up the good work.

Frank said...

Nice one. :)